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Welcome to TemplateWebSites.com. We specialize in providing inexpensive, but highly professional, business website design and development.  

Are you a small to mid-sized business looking to get an inexpensive, but professional looking web site launched quickly?  Then we're your source!

We can...

... all within a week to ten days!

Simply visit our Template Library where you will be able to visit live web sites, select the template you wish to use, and then complete our on-line order form.

Typical first question... Why should your business be on the Internet?

What is a template or theme site?  When we use the term "Template web site", we are referring to the templates and themes used with Microsoft's FrontPage web site authoring tool.  We have a library of tens of thousands of various pre-designed web site templates that allow us to quickly build a professional site for almost any type of business. 

These sites are HIGHER QUALITY than most sites that are presented as custom.  Why? simply because the designers are the best in the land, and they've invested far more time in the design of these templates than you will want to pay for a custom job on an hourly basis.

In addition to our library, there are other development and design houses that constantly create new templates and themes for resale on the Internet.  We constantly monitor these other sites to maintain the newest and freshest library of templates.  You will be able to include a company logo if you'd like, and select the color scheme that best suits your company's image.

Why not do the work yourself?  Obviously, you can purchase a template or theme and build your own site.  What we offer, is the ability for you to split the expertise, and save time and money.  You know your business better than anyone... so you write the content, the text, the verbiage.  If you want personal photographs, then you supply them as well or have us come out and take them for you.  We build the site using FrontPage, we update logos, names, etc..   We take your content, and place in within the site.  We publish the web site to the Internet, and host it for you at an extremely competitive rate (unless you already have a hosting service).  Through this process, your company web site can literally be up and running within a week to ten days for much less cost than the other options! 

Look at this site, it is one of the templates available!  

Click here to see some sample client sites.



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